TutuApp [ Android / iOS ]

TutuApp is a free app store designed for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices. TutuApp will allow you to install games and apps from the official Google Play Store on Android mobile devices and from the Apple Store on iOS mobile devices.

With TutuApp you can download free and popular games and apps such as Pókemon GO, Deezer, Spotify, PUBG, Minecraft PE or Fornite.

TutuApp has many more features that allow you to receive paid applications instantly and for free. Below is a list of all the features of TutuApp APK.


TutuApp Features

  1. First of all, TutuApp lets you get paid applications and games like Pokemon Go that are available at the official Google Play store.
  2. Most good apps in the app store are blocked and you have to pay real money to download them, but with TutuApp you can download them for free.
  3. TutuApp has a cleaning app that you can get with the main app, which cleans the RAM and improves the performance of your smartphone to make it work without any problems.
  4. After installing TutuApp on your device, you do not need a file manager. The application also allows you to manage files and transfer data from your device to a flash memory and vice versa.
  5. In addition, you have a toolbox with TutuApp to manage wifi, Bluetooth, etc.

You have TutuApp available here; you can use our links to download and install it on your iOS or Android mobile device. Below is a brief explanation of the complete download and installation procedure on both platforms.

Download APK TutuApp file for Android devices

  1. You have to download the APK to your Android mobile device using the provided links
  2. Search for the downloaded file using your file manager and install TutuApp on your mobile phone.
  3. If you have a problem installing MOT TutuApp, enable the “Install apps from unknown sources” option in your device configuration.
  4. Open the application, give it the necessary rights, and you are ready to receive the paid applications for free.

We are preparing a tutorial on how to use it in the English version.

How to download TutuApp v.2.4.5 for iOS without jailbreak

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iOS device.
  2. Type TutuApp.com or TutuApp.VIP and wait for the main page of TutuApp’s official website to load.
  3. On TutuApp’s official website, you will see three green download buttons on the home page of TutuApp’s official website; click the media download button for iOS devices.
  4. You will be asked if you want to download TutuApp or not; click the “Save” button.
  5. Install the application on your device and go to Settings -> General settings -> General settings -> General settings -> General settings -> Profiles, and you will see a profile created under the name TutuApp; click it and trust the application.
  6. You can also scan the following QR code to download the application.

Now you can enjoy the apps and free games!

Download TutuApp for Android/iOS through the links provided by us, do not download untrusted sources as this may damage your device.