TutuApp doesn’t Work?

Update: The certificate has been revoked. Download it now.

As TutuApp users, we know how frustrating it is when it suddenly stops working.

This article discusses the most frequently asked questions and their solutions.


Problem 1: “Impossible to check the execution”

TutuApp is a third-party application (i.e. an application that does not appear on the iTunes App Store), so you need an Apple certificate to run on iOS devices.

However, because you share free apps and games from the App Store (which is a violation of the Terms of Use), iTunes will revoke your certificate from time to time.


What am I supposed to do?

TutuApp is a great organization with people working 24 hours a day. Wait for a computer update on Twitter and remove the old application and reinstall it with the new certificate.

This is a big frustrating problem, which is why the TutuApp team released NessTool, an application that avoids the revocation of Apple’s rights, which means that it never stops working.

We strongly recommend installing NessTool to prevent this from happening in the future.

Problem 2: “How do I read a barcode to download TutuApp to iOS?”

The standard iOS 11 system camera now supports barcode scanning.

So just go to the iOS download page -> open your camera -> and read the barcode and follow the download process. It’s easy. It’s simple.


If you are using an older version of iOS, simply install a barcode scanner from the App Store and scan to install TutuApp.

Problem 3: “Nothing comes immediately after clicking and landing in the profile area”

I’m not doing anything. After clicking “Click the button immediately” and entering the profile area, wait a moment for a dialog box to appear asking you to install. As soon as it appears, the installation will begin.


Problem 4: After the Tutu application is installed, “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” appears

Congratulations on the installation of the application. You are only a few steps away from using the application.


Go to Settings -> General -> Device and Profile Management -> Beijing Founder Electronics Co Ltd. (the name of the certificate profiles may change over time due to the revocation of the certificate) -> Click “Trust Application” -> Done.

Have fun with TutuApp!

* Bonus: Video – TutuApp down? Doesn’t it work? Solutions