TutuApp iOS [Latest Version]

If you are looking to download TutuApp iOS, look no further, we offer you a simple and easy way to download the TutuApp iOS application and explain the complete installation process in detail.

Without a doubt, TutuApp is one of the largest and most famous third-party application stores in the world, and it’s growing every day.

Originally created for Android mobile devices, TutuApp is now also available for iOS devices.


What are the features of TutuApp iOS?

Do you want to know what are the key features of TutuApp’s iOS application that make it one of the most successful among its competitors? Here are the main features of TutuApp iOS.

  1. Each and every one of the apps you will see inside the TutuApp store is available for you to download and install on your mobile device for free. TutuApp can be installed and used completely free of charge.
  2. In addition, at TutuApp you can find music, e-books, games, e-books and other multimedia content for free and download them to your mobile device
  3. TutuApp for iOS comes with a built-in application wiper, so you can control any additional files you’re not currently using, freeing up space on your mobile device
  4. TutuApp has a toolbar that gives you access to all the useful features such as calendar management, reminders, alarms, flashlights, etc.
  5. To use TutuApp it is not necessary to have an iOS device with jailbreak, there are 2 different versions of the application running on both.
  6. Note that the language of the TutuApp application is Chinese, so if you want to use the application, you will need the help of Google Translate to understand what the options in the application mean, which wouldn’t take much time.

TutuApp iOS Installation Instructions

TutuApp is available free of charge and you don’t need to check it out when you start the application. Although this is a Chinese application, the developers used the English language in their latest update.

  • Besides, you have the app in two different ways, TutuApp VIP and TutuApp Helper.
  • No matter if your device has a jailbreak or not, it downloads in both conditions.
  • The iOS device you are using must have an operating system version higher than iOS 9 to run the latest version of TutuApp.

TutuApp for iOS (iPhone, iPad) – Download


Downloading and installing TutuApp is a quick and easy process. You must follow the guide provided to complete the download process. And although TutuApp VIP is a paid app, TutuApp Helper is available 100% free. We may recommend that you use TutuApp Helper, but the other Helper is very similar.

Install TutuApp for iOS devices – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch –


First, you need to scan the above QR code so you can install TutuApp directly on your iOS device. Once you are asked for permissions, you need to click “Yes”.

If you would like to download TutuApp for iOS devices from the official developer website, please click the button above. The app is compatible with iOS operating system versions 7 and above, and supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

  • Go to the TutuApp download page from our website and choose “iOS version” (OR).
  • To go directly to the official TutuApp website download page, click the button above.
  • A green button will appear which you must click to start the installation of the TutuApp application.
  • A message asking for authorization to install the application or not will then appear.
  • Now visit the home screen of your device and you will see that the Tutu application is being downloaded.

The main factor that makes all iOS users around the world download this application is that no registration is required for your Apple ID, saving you a lot of time. TutuApp is divided into two different versions, one is Tutu App Helper and the second is Tutu App VIP.