TutuApp for Android

TutuApp Android is one of the largest third-party aps stores worldwide, where you can find any known application for your Android mobile device.

TutuApp was originally developed for Android mobile devices, but is now also available for most platforms.

The highlight of TutuApp Android, and what makes it totally different from the official Google store, is that all the apps that are in the TutuApp store are free, you can download and install them without paying.


Key features of TutuApp Android

There are many features that make TutuApp one of the best third-party application stores in the world. Here’s a list of the highlights:

  • It has a very accurate search bar that allows you to find and download the app you need without wasting time.
  • TutuApp makes all applications available for free, every app or game in the TutuApp App Store is free to download and free to install.
  • Not only is TutuApp for Android limited to free games and apps, but you can also download free music, free e-books and much more multimedia content without paying for it.
  • You don’t need to have a “routed” Android mobile device to use the TutuApp store; it also works on a regular Android phone. TutuApp has a toolbar where you can set up reminders, alarms, access or change schedules, etc.
  • TutuApp even has an added cleaning software that allows you to clean up excess unused files, or RAM to keep your mobile device running smoothly.
  • The TutuApp app comes in Chinese by default, so users should use the Google translation tool to understand the application’s instructions, or view the images to see what the options mean.

Download TutuApp for Android

  1. Download TutuApp APK.
  2. Locate the TutuApp APK file downloaded using the file manager.
  3. You need to install Tutuapp on your smartphone.
  4. If you encounter any problems installing the TutuApp app store on your Android mobile device, first open the settings on your Android mobile device, go to “Security” and you need to enable the option “Install applications from unknown sources”.
  5. When the download process is complete, go and open TutuApp from the application drawer and you will be able to download a game or app for free.