Download TutuApp APK

Want to download TutuApp APK? Download the TutuApp app store for your Android mobile device here and download an unlimited number of games and applications. TutuApp is one of the fastest growing third party application stores for Android devices worldwide.

There is a long list of great features that make TutuApp APK one of the most popular third party apps on the market among competitors, but the best part is that the apps are free.

TutuApp APK was developed to provide free applications and games for Android device users who don’t want to pay for them.


TutuApp APK – Features

Let’s take a look above at the essential features of TutuApp APK, find out more about this amazing third-party application store.

  1. TutuApp APK is a free application available for all Android devices as well as all the applications you see in the TutuApp app store, which are also free.
  2. You can even download free games for your Android smartphone from TutuApp. You can also find free media and music in this app store.
  3. TutuApp offers games and apps for various operating systems, and you can use the TutuApp application on one mobile device to download applications to another device.
  4. TutuApp comes by default with a toolbar which has most of the options and features that are effective. You can manage alarms, clocks, reminders, timers… using the built-in toolbar.
  5. TutuApp APK also has a wipe function that will take care of additional files that are not used on your Android device. In addition, it will clean RAM, making your device instantly faster.
  6. Please note that the TutuApp application store is in Chinese, so users will need to use Google Translate or another translator to understand what the application options mean; this will only take a moment.
  7. TutuApp is also available for mobile devices with the iOS operating system.

TutuApp Permissions

  1. Get inspiration from other applications, change system settings.
  2. Take videos and photos.
  3. Edit your contacts, read your contacts.
  4. Precise location (GPS and network-based), approximate location (network-based).
  5. Calling numbers can directly cost you money, read phone status and identity, read call logs, redirect outgoing calls, write call logs
  6. Receive text messages (SMS), read your text messages (SMS or MMS), view and send SMS messages, and read the contents of your SD card.

If you want to download TutuApp in English, then you’ve come to the right page. TutuApp is not a hacking tool, it’s a helper tool that allows players to get paid games for free.

So let us tell you below about the Tutu Helper application and the latest version of TutuApp APK.

How to download TutuApp APK for Android devices

  1. Download the APK for TutuApp version 3.1.6.
  2. Open the file manager on your Android device and locate the file downloaded from TutuApp APK.
  3. How do I install the TutuApp app store on my mobile device?
  4. If you have trouble installing the APK file you downloaded, you need to enable the “Install applications from unknown sources” option in your device’s security settings.
  5. Open TutuApp on your Android smartphone and use Google Translate to understand the application options.
  6. Use the application’s search bar to find the applications you want and download them for free.

How do I install TutuApp APK for Android?

The TutuApp for Android application can be downloaded from our site, but before you do so, please note that this application is not available in the Play Store. So, if you find something similar on the Google Game Store, stay away from this application.

In order to download Tutu for Android, you must first download Tutu APK. Tutu APK for Android is available on the Internet, but beware of fake sites as they may offer you the latest version of Tutu VIP APK with viruses or malware.

Here we provide you with free download of the latest version of Tutu APK for Android. To install TutuApp on Android using TutuApp APK, you need to activate “Unknown Sources” in the configuration menu of your mobile device by following the steps below :

  1. Download TutuApp APK for Android here.
  2. Now go to your device settings and make sure you have enabled options that allow you to install applications from unknown sources.
  3. Once the option is enabled, open the downloaded TutuApp APK file and click “install”.
  4. Once the application is installed, you can open it immediately or later from the application drawer.